Compliance Playbook – IT Security Assessment

  • Description

      Discover, Correct and Prevent IT Security Issues

      A comprehensive playbook to guide an organization though a detailed IT security assessment and gain a thorough understanding of a Target’s risk exposure – either pre or post acquisition.  

      • Assess the risk arising from a target’s IT applications, processes, infrastructure and teams.
      • Functions as a detailed gap analysis framework.
      • Helps in identifying and mitigating risk post-completion.
      • Can be used as a framework for post-merger integration efforts.

      Covers the following sections:

      • Log management
      • Event management
      • Fraud
      • User account management
      • Applications
      • Infrastructure and networks
      • Email
      • Servers
      • Anti-malware and anti-virus
      • Mobile device security management
      • Response to attacks
      • Managed security

      *Note: The Compliance Playbook for IT Security Assessments is available to Midaxo customers at an additional cost.

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