Due Diligence Playbook – IT & Technology

  • Description

      Assess the stability and validity of a target's technology capabilities

      A comprehensive playbook to guide an organization though a detailed IT due diligence exercise and gain a thorough understanding of the Target's technology IT/environment.

      • Assess the reliability and scope and opportunities arising from a target’s IT applications, processes, infrastructure and teams, and how well they meet current and future business requirements.
      • Assists in the assessment and quantification of IT synergies to develop robust synergy cases.
      • Identify the intended benefits, identify risks, barriers and enablers – including dependency on IT and stand-alone IT separation considerations.
      • Helps in securing value and managing risk post-completion.

      Covers the following sections:

      • Initial discovery
      • Operating budget and income statement analysis guidance
      • Intellectual property (IP)
      • Software review
      • Hardware review
      • Network and server review
      • Storage
      • Staffing
      • Projects – existing and planned
      • Automation
      • Software license agreements
      • Maintenance and support agreements
      • Capital budget analysis
      • IT operating budget analysis
      • Use of external consultants
      • Transition costs
      • Risk assessment framework
      • Integration considerations
      • Integration considerations
      • Disaster recovery
      • Framework to review social media

        *Note: The Due Diligence Playbook for IT and Technology is available to Midaxo customers at an additional cost. 

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