Due Diligence Playbook – Transaction Sense Check

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      Understand the Why and Establish Assessment Priorities

      By hurrying to evaluate a target, organizations can easily miss the essential first step that is the ultimate harbinger of success: understanding the why. Due diligence should only commence when the reason for acquisition (or investment) is clear and the rationale for target pursuit is compelling. Deal teams should therefore conduct a transaction sense check at the beginning of the due diligence process.

      Our M&A Transaction Sense Check Playbook includes:

      • Key risk areas such as Financials, Progress Against Business Plan, Past M&A Activity, and Review of Corporate Structure;
      • Example sub-categories to consider within each area;
      • Sample questions and information requests for each area sub-category.

      *Note: This Playbook is available with Midaxo at an additional cost. This playbook is included in the Comprehensive Acquisition and Due Diligence Playbook.

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